TV Dinners

Photo © ckline/iStock
Photo © ckline/iStock

“Turns out Swanson was the second manufacturer of the reheatable meals; the first was Army contractor, Maxson Food Systems, which invented Strato-Plates—meat, vegetables, and potatoes frozen in a tray—to serve troops on overseas flights…”


From Combat-Ready Kitchen, pp. 199-200.

Combat-Ready Kitchen describes over six dozen military influences on our food. There are many, many more. Some I eliminated at the outset for lack of time and space—as it is, the book took three years to write and runs 300 pages. Others I abandoned midway through because I couldn’t find a critical piece of information to confirm the armed forces’ link. But the vast majority I simply don’t know about; they’re waiting to be discovered—maybe by you. If you can add to this inventory of military influences on the food system, email me. I’d love to hear from you.