Energy Bars

iStock_000054255918_LargeSee “What America Runs On,” Combat-Ready Kitchen, pp. 81-105.

Combat-Ready Kitchen describes over six dozen military influences on our food. There are many, many more. Some I eliminated at the outset for lack of time and space—as it is, the book took three years to write and runs 300 pages. Others I abandoned midway through because I couldn’t find a critical piece of information to confirm the armed forces’ link. But the vast majority I simply don’t know about; they’re waiting to be discovered—maybe by you. If you can add to this inventory of military influences on the food system, email me. I’d love to hear from you.

Plastic Coolers

Summer = beach = cooler. Stocked with bags of ice or frozen cold packs and—depending on the age cohort—sandwiches, lemonade, and watermelon chunks, or beer, beer, beer, and more beer, the squat plastic chests have been American picnic stalwarts since the 1960s.